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Motorboat rental
in Villagarcía de Arousa

Enjoy a day with family or friends with our boat for rent on your own if you have a sailing license (Old Titulín). Equipped with everything you need and a powerful outboard engine of 140cv. that will delight any skipper who gets in control. If you do not have a license, you can also include the option of professional skipper for 100 € / day.

Lancha Villagarcía de Arousa Gallery Yachts
From 350 € / day
Place of departure and arrival
Master (optional)
Final cleaning (mandatory)
Bail bond

Rent Arrezife One Motorboat in Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Included in the price
Not included in the price
Arrezife Uno: Rental Motorboat without master in Vilagarcia de Arousa Port
1 day300€

Boat Reservation

At check-in a total of 500€ must be paid as a deposit for our boat, which will be returned at the end of the rental.