Sailing Club


Suscripción anual


Become a member of our Sailing Club

Sail from just €29.50 per trip! Enjoy the boat as if it were your own, and you will always have it clean and ready to set sail.

Departures: Departures are 4 hours long, from 10:00 to 14:00h and from 16:00 to 20:00h.
The days may vary according to public holidays, etc.
The days and departures available for booking will always appear on the website one month in advance.
Shared departures for club members 6 pax. maximum.

Membership fees: Enrolment/registration fee: 50€.

  • 59€/month: Monthly midday outings (4 hours): 1 outing of your choice at the weekend or 2 outings on weekdays.
  • 89€/month: Monthly midday departures (4 hours): 2 weekend departures or 1 weekend departure and 2 weekday departures or 3 weekday departures.
  • Please consult the available vouchers for a greater number of outings.

Family vouchers: Multiple departures can be shared with a family member/friend.
Additional benefits:

1st outing “FREE“.
Welcome pack: Keyring, Cap, Glasses strap, Floating object holder and rucksack.
Preferential prices on the rental of our boat.

Get up to 2 months free with your annual fee.
You can share the trip with any friend/non-member of the club. The companion must pay 69€ per outing.


* 1 year commitment of permanence. Without permanence the prices are increased by 30%.
* Precios per person, VAT, insurance and expenses included.